Safety and reliability are at the core of Symmetry vertical platform lifts, provided by Abbey Home Elevator.Whether it’s commercial or residential use, outdoors or in, our ADA-compliant platform lifts are designed for safe and easy transport, eliminating the barriers stairs can cause.wheelchair lifts

Standard features :

  • 750-lb. capacity
  • Speed: 10 FPM with a 1 HP, 115-volt motor
  • Lifting Height: up to 168 inches
  • Steel constructed with electrostatic, powder-coated finish
  • On-board diagnostics
  • Constant pressure up/down control switch installed on the platform
  • Constant pressure, elevator-style, hall call control stations provided at each landing

Optional features :

  • 230-volt motor
  • Remote mounted controller
  • ADA phone for both indoor and outdoor models
  • Emergency lights
  • Key switch to lock platform

Safety features :

  • Nonskid platform surface
  • Obstruction safety panel under platform (when not installed with a runway enclosure)
  • Alarm and emergency stop switch
  • Grab rail
  • Landing interlocks keep door locked when the lift is on another floor
  • Upper final limit
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