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In those rare cases when a four-post design is not feasible or specified, scissors style vehicle lifts are available. Autoquip has been a world leader in designing and manufacturing scissor lifts for over 50 years, and this more conventional subterranean parking lift design enjoys a long history of success and service in luxury homes across America. The VASARI™ family of scissors-style residential parking lifts has been perfected and expanded over the years to provide a wide variety of standard, and customized, vehicle lifting solutions.

The key benefits to a VASARI™ Scissors-style automotive lift design are:

  • Simple and dependable – Scissors lifts have few moving parts & a long history of worry-free performance
  • Reduced installation costs – Minimal number of parts to gather and install
  • Meets or exceeds design requirements set forth in ANSI MH29.1 – Safety Requirements for Industrial Scissor Lifts
  • Most durable leg design – Solid steel scissor lift leg construction, not hollow tubes
  • Added access for service – Removable access panel located in lower carriage for maintenance of cylinders
  • Free-standing – No need for external vertical guide system
  • Built to Last – 3:1 structural factor of safety
  • Leak-resistant hydraulic system – 3:1 hydraulic burst factor of safety and SAE straight-thread fittings
  • Immediate free-fall arrest – Hydraulic velocity fuses provide immediate free fall arrest in the event of catastrophic hose failure
  • Low Maintenance – Lifetime-lubricated bushings at each pinned joint
  • Electrical Safety – UL rating on all standard electrical components
  • Authorized operation of the lift – Key-operated security ON/OFF switch, PLUS a digital keypad station for entering security code
  • Toe protection – “Beveled Toe Guard” system around canopy perimeter protects toes by preventing shear points as the canopy descends into the garage floor. Also, canopy does not come to rest on the floor – as with other designs – and avoids the potential crushing of toes or other obstructions.
  • Available in non-canopy designs
  • Available in detachable-canopy designs

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