Customized car parking lift solutions to fit the unique architectural flavor of your luxury home or business.

vehicle lift

For the discriminating home or business owner that wants a vehicle parking lifts solution to match its surroundings, the custom solutions experts at Autoquip are uniquely qualified to develop a one-of-a-kind equipment design to fit your floor plan and architectural constraints.

From our initial pre-qualification, through design approval and professional installation, every process we use is tailored around true custom solutions. Whether your vehicle is all-terrain, marine, or a collector’s dream. Whether its being raised, tilted, or turned for parking, security or display. Autoquip is sure to have a lift, turntable, or tilter design that will accommodate your unique situation. The only limitation is your imagination! Contact the “Dream Team” at Autoquip (877-333-9334).


Some past examples of Autoquip customized vehicle solutions:

  • Motorcycle lift
  • Golf cart lift
  • Limousine lift
  • Snowmobile lift
  • Subterranean boat lift
  • Powered access ramp (parking garage)
  • Subterranean catering van lift (10,000 lb capacity, 16 foot travel)
  • Vehicle display lift (casinos, auto shows, auto dealerships)
  • Vehicle turn table (auto shows)
  • Five-level commercial parking garage lift (operated by attendant)
  • Fork truck lifts (20,000 lb capacity, 8 foot travel)
  • Armored vehicle lift (50,000 lb capacity, 6 foot travel)

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