A personalized parking solution demands optional design features.

Every home or office space reflects a personal style. Considering the unique elements associated with the style and design of any space, the following Automotive Lifts and Parking Lifts Options have been researched and selected by the VASARI™ design team to provide high-tech, stylish and reliable components to enhance the safety or functionality of the lift.

 Vehicle LiftsUltrasonic Vehicle Positioning Indicator – to help center vehicle onto carriage  Parking LiftsPhase Converter – to convert single phase power to 3-phase, to be able to use a standard/faster speed 3-phase hydraulic power unit  Vehicle LiftsDoor Interlock Kit – to prevent ingress through doors during lift operation  Parking LiftsVehicle-Present Photo-eye System – to prevent raising lift with vehicle on canopy
 Hydraulic Lift7.5/10HP-1ph Hydraulic Power Units – to increase speed of lift  AlarmLift in Motion Visual Alarm – to notify standers-by of impending lift operation  Vehicle Parking LiftsPhoto-eye Interference Detection – to sense potential lift obstructions during operation  Vehicle LiftManually Adjustable Wheel Locator – to help center vehicle onto carriage



  • Canopy Perimeter Brush Seals – to minimize water run-off from garage to basement
  • Hydraulic Locking Pins – for non-canopy subterranean designs
  • Touch Screen Operator Controls – in lieu of up/down pushbutton
  • Door Status Switches – to prevent lift operation if door into lift area is open
  • Power Unit Cover – to reduce noise created by most single-phase motors
  • Marine Duty Paint – zinc based pigment
  • Steelcote Epoxy Paint – stainless steel impregnated
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • Aluminum Deck – top skin only
  • Stainless Steel Deck – top skin only
  • Biodegradable or Food-grade Hydraulic Fluid

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