New patent pending technology behind the most versatile residential parking lift in the world.

vehicle parking lift

Autoquip continues to leverage its 60 years of equipment design history and experience to create exciting parking solutions like our patent pending four-post subterranean parking  lifts. By combining the inexpensive power of direct acting hydraulic rams with the repeatable performance of a mechanical equalization system – the VL4 family of automobile lifts provides a “hydro-mechanical” design solution unique to the industry.


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The key benefits to a Four Post Subterranean automotive lift design are:

  • Convenience -Up to 50% faster speeds than conventional scissors designs
  • Reduced steel costs – Overall lift weights is up to 50% less than conventional scissors designs – by eliminating bulky scissors legs
  • Reduced handling costs – The heaviest single component weighs less than 2 tons
  • Built to Last – 3:1 structural factor of safety
  • Leak-resistant hydraulic system – 3:1 hydraulic burst factor of safety and SAE straight-thread fittings
  • Mechanical safety – 6:1 factor of safety on equalization chains
  • Lower stresses, longer life – Lifting forces exerted on structural members are 75% less with vertical rams than with cylinders laid horizontally in scissors mechanisms
  • Easy access to pit – Removable access panel in lower carriage
  • Safety space – 18” of clear space underneath the entire lower carriage when completely lowered into pit – for personnel safety and maintenance
  • Easy access for inspections – Cylinders can be completely inspected or repaired from above the carriage deck
  • Immediate free-fall arrest – Hydraulic velocity fuses provide immediate free fall arrest in the event of catastrophic hose failure
  • Minimal deflection when driving onto lift – Vertical rams minimize length of unsupported platform during axle-loading
  • Electrical Safety – UL rating on all standard electrical components
  • Authorized operation of the lift – Key-operated security ON/OFF switch, PLUS a digital keypad station for entering security code.
  • Toe protection – “Beveled Toe Guard” system around canopy perimeter protects toes by preventing shear points as the canopy descends into the garage floor.  Also, canopy does not come to rest on the floor – as with other designs – and avoids the potential crushing of toes or other obstructions.
  • Available in detachable-canopy designs

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