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The modern stairlift brings many benefits to its users

 stairlift benefits

People with mobility problems don’t need to be limited to only the downstairs of their home, or rely on family and friends for help. They can stay in their own homes and gain independence with a stairlift from Abbey Home Elevator.

Stairlifts and Accidents
Simply, a stair lift carries an elderly or disabled person from one floor to another. It may be that they can manage to walk around their home without too many issues, but that stairs pose particular problems.

Stairlifts are a great health and safety device, helping to cut down on the number of accidents in the home that people with limited mobility have.

One Size Does Not Fit All
Every stairlift user is different and Abbey Home Elevator offers different types of stairlifts to fit your needs. To have a stair lift installed in your home for a straight flight of stairs you can expect to spend $2,500 to as much as $6,000. Many homeowners choose a model in the $3,000 to $4,500 range.

On the upper end of the range you will find models designed to blend into your home’s decor like fine furniture. They have custom color upholstery and leather fabrics, extra safety and ease of use features like one motion folding and unfolding, power seat swivel, and automatic folding rails where needed.

At the lower end of the price range you may find one of the better models available in a reconditioned version. Brand new stair lifts at the lower end of the price range can provide basic transportation up and down your stairs, but lack comfort and ease of use or safety features you may want. Of course the difference in quality and durability varies.

At whatever price point you feel comfortable with, Abbey Home Elevator can help you through every step of the process.

stairlift installation

We’re constantly being asked to check out a stairlift that someone has bought ‘cheap’ and tried to install themselves, and there’s invariably something wrong. For your safety and peace of mind we include professional installation with every stairlift. All reputable manufacturers do the same. If you’d like to read more about the subject, click the AEMA logo.


Each of our safety and service technicians are factory trained. We believe your safetyshould be our number one concern. When you combine the best product with the best service, you can feel confident you will receive the best value for your investment.

Because every stairway is different and every user has unique needs and abilities, there are a variety of models and types of stair lifts available. Abbey Home Elevator has the expertise to help you make the right choice and a selection to fit any budget.
At Abbey Home Elevator, not only do we provide one of the most comfortable and safest stairlifts on the market, we also considered how it would look in your home. Unlike others, our rail is slim, elegant and fits close to the wall with the mechanical parts hidden from view. The seat is attractively styled and folds up neatly allowing maximum passage for others.

Every stair lift is installed by a trained professional. As required by local rules and regulations, your lift will be thoroughly inspected.

24/7 Emergency Maintenance 

Abbey Home Elevator offers full maintenance and service for all stair lift products. As with any piece of complex machinery, proper maintenance is critical to the longevity and safety of all accessibility equipment.

ExpertiseAbbey Home Elevator service and maintenance team is comprised of certified technicians who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (select states) to meet your service and maintenance needs.

Service Contracts. Often, a routine inspection can reveal a problem that, left unchecked, could pose a safety issue or cause serious damage to the equipment. Abbey Home Elevator offer affordable service contracts that ensure regular inspection and maintenance of your equipment. We have found that prevention is much less costly than repair and we highly recommend a service contract to extend the life of any accessibility product.

Customer Service. Driven by an old-fashioned commitment to customer service, Abbey Home Elevator is proud of the reputation it has developed for being a company that holds itself accountable to the highest standards of workmanship and professionalism. We value your time and your home and we strive to honor both with timely, reliable service.

If you need us we are here. With only a phone call away one of our technicians is available to answer your questions and keep your lift running smoothly and safely.

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