SpaceLift Attic Lift System

Platform LiftSave your back. With the press of a button, the intelligent SpaceLift attic lift system provides automated home storage that a cost-effective alternative to traditional dumbwaiters. Carrying loads up to 100 pounds per trip, the SpaceLift model 5000 provides a convenient back-saving solution to moving household items between floors and into attics and loft spaces.

The low-profile SpaceLift design mounts neatly between floor joists in a 22.5 x 54 inch framed opening and operates with an efficient electrical drive train that lifts and lowers the platform tray suspended by four aviation-quality steel cables.

platform lifts

Features and Benefits

  • Intelligent Wall-Mount Control – the SpaceLift microprocessor control unit features a convenient display to monitor weight and travel position as well as special test and adjustment modes. The key lock prevents unwanted operation
  • 24/7 Secure Storage – transform unused attic, loft and basement space into secure storage and eliminate the expense and hassle of offsite rental units.
  • Save Your Back – the automated SpaceLift system eliminates the back-wrenching chore of carrying household items on stairs or attic ladders.
  • Added Home Value – reclaim your garage and add a unique and valued amenity to your home, whether new construction or a remodel.
  • 100-Pound Lift Capacity – the SpaceLift platform tray is large enough to carry storage bins, boxes, luggage and other household items with a maximum load of 100 pounds per trip. Why 100 pounds? Can you easily bend, load and unload more? Best to lighten the load.
  • Intelligent Load Sensors – sophisticated SpaceLift sensors automatically stop lift operation with any contact detection or if excessive weight is loaded.
  • Stock Lock Mechanism – when fully stowed, SpaceLift locking tabs secure the lift platform so it is locked and stable during unloading and loading.
  • Quality and Reliability – your SpaceLift cargo lift system is designed with the highest performance considerations including electrical drive train, aviation-quality steel cabling and carries a two-year parts and service warranty.

To learn more about SpaceLift products please contact Abbey Home Elevator.

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