album1_image56While home elevators have been seen as a luxury item in the past, today’s home elevators are much more of a necessity. With our aging population the use of a home elevator for mobility and moving large objects is now the norm in multi-level construction. The home elevator can provide a safe and convenient way to get between floors. With capacities of 950 lbs. and cab sizes from 15 square feet up to 18 square feet, home elevators provide solutions to make your home more livable.

Whether you’re looking at new construction or retrofitting an existing home, you’re looking for craftsmanship and long-term quality. Abbey Home Elevator can provide both. As an exclusive provider for Symmetry Elevating Solutions, all our elevators are custom-built, designed and made in America. The people who designed our residential elevators are members of the National Association of Elevator Contractors, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Better Business Bureau, the Associated Contractors and other industry organizations.

We’ve spent more than 25 years selling, servicing and installing elevators, and we’ve seen what works, what doesn’t and what works better. Our unmatched experience means you’ll get the very best product and service – PERIOD. Abbey Home Elevator is committed to meeting the needs of our customers.

With commitment to beautiful craftsmanship, expert engineering, thoughtful construction, and affordability, Symmetry Elevating Solutions provides the best products available. You, our client gets to share in that high quality value. Select a Symmetry Elevating Solutions, provided by Abbey Home Elevator, residential elevator and you have selected the best product available for you family and home.

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Architectural centerpiece or inconspicuous – it’s up to you.

Symmetry elevators, provided by Abbey Home Elevator, are designed to be a beautiful, functional part of any home – and if you’d like, they can be designed to fit almost anywhere. Make yours a focal point, or incorporate it into the design of your home.

Stairs aren’t a barrier when you can go around them.

The freedom and mobility you gain with a residential elevator means you no longer have to worry about yourself or your loved ones taking the staircase. With a residential elevator from Abbey Home Elevator – let us bring the upstairs, down to you!

Bedrooms upstairs? A walkout basement? Why not?

Your dream home is just that: yours. You should not be limited from enjoying the number of floors you desire.  So design what you wish, and let Abbey Home Elevator, help build the lifestyle you deserve.

Take up less room – an entire room, in fact.

Our residential elevator motor hides within the elevator shaft, so it requires less ceiling height. With machine-room-less design we can accommodate your new elevator with no additional machine or equipment room.

Residential Elevator Design Options

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