Whether you want to remain independent, or you just want the added convenience of a home elevator, Abbey Home Elevator offers custom-built, pre-fit, flexible elevators with long-term craftsmanship and quality.

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Standard Features

  • Two system options:
  • Multiple cab sizes
    • Sizes range from less than 12 square feet to up to 18 square feet*
  • 7′ interior height with 8′ overhead
    • Optional 8′ interior height with 9′ overhead available
  • Convenient automatic cab lighting
  • 950 lb. capacity
  • Single operation panel with integrated phone box
  • LED floor position indicator
  • Car operating panel
  • Recessed phone box
  • Hall call stations with call button and car arrival indicator
  • Three-year limited parts warranty

Optional Features

  • Up to six stops
  • Single automatic push-button operation
  • Gate options:
  • Car operating panel with integrated phone
  • Four recessed LED lights with black trim rings
  • Green features
    • Energy-saving recessed LED lights with black trim rings
    • Specialty fixtures made from recycled, sustainable materials
    • Green material alternatives and finishes for interior
    • Efficient 230VAC, 60Hz, 10 amp single-phase power supply for motor controller

Safety Features

  • Alarm and emergency switch
  • Battery backup for lights and alarm
  • Uninterrupted power – even in a blackout, you can lower the car and open the gate
  • Slack rope/chain safety device
  • Motor controller supply (located in controller)
  • Car light supply (located in controller)
  • Upper and lower final limits
  • Car top stop switch
  • In-car emergency stop switch and alarm
  • Electromechanical hoistway door interlocks
  • Manual lowering device

*Available cab sizes may vary depending on local codes

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