lift warrantyStandard Manufacturer Warranty:

Abbey works with the industry leading manufacturer offering the best warranty available.

  • Vertical Wheel Chair Lift – 4 years
  • Residential Elevator – 3 years
  • Limited Use/Limited Application Elevator – 3 years

Extended Warranty:

Abbey Home Elevator offers an extended warranty on many of its products.

With the Abbey Home Elevator Lifetime Parts Warranty Program:

Abbey Home Elevator is able to offer this groundbreaking lifetime warranty due to the robust engineering, design, and extensive product testing of what are simply the best Residential Elevator and Wheelchair lifts made in the USA.

Abbey Home Elevator warrants the replacement of all original parts to the original equipment owner for the lifetime of the equipment. Abbey Home Elevator warrants normal labor charges incurred in the removal, repair or replacement of parts for a period of 3 (three) years after the date of substantial completion.

To learn more about the warranty option, benefits, restrictions, and terms please contact Abbey Home Elevator.


Abbey Home Elevator technicians are factory-trained and offer regular maintenance, cleaning and testing of your equipment to ensure that it is running at optimal performance. Our regularly scheduled preventative maintenance visits, which include inspecting, calibrating and lubricating of critical components before safety issues arise, mean long life for your equipment.

Maintenance and inspections are performed at intervals consistent with the requirements of ASME A17.1 and A18.1, the National Lift and Elevator Safety Codes issued by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. You can rely on Abbey Home Elevator’s professional staff to deliver quality service. Our engineers and field technicians are established experts in our field, and we pride ourselves on our ability to care for your equipment’s safety devices the right way, every time.