Hillside TramsCalifornia Home Elevator in partnership with Abbey Access Group Inc. and Abbey Home Elevator are excited to introduce to you Marine Innovations Inclined Elevators.

Hillside Elevator Trams

Marine Innovations is the premier manufacturer of hillside climbers and incline tramways in the country. We are pleased to have exclusive representation of this product throughout California, Arizona, as well as Nevada. We have spent the last several years exploring this specialty market and determined when your clients expect the best; you have to give them the best. With the new partnership between our companies and Marine Innovations you can be assured you are getting the best available hillside elevator in the marketplace.

Who says you can’t have it all? You have carefully selected the premium location to build your home, now select the premium tram to access your amazing hillside. Some of the most appealing property is often difficult to access. The inclined elevator from California Home Elevator and Marine Innovations, will eliminate the difficulty of the climb, and take you to your destination in comfort, safety, and style. The inclined elevator offers a practical solution to full enjoyment of your home or vacation property, regardless of the terrain.

Ideal for both residential and commercial applications and built to last a lifetime, the inclined elevator is your key to going where you really want to go.

With your inclined elevator or hillside tram you can forget the hours spent climbing up and down the stairs from the dock, patio, garage, etc. up to your house or uphill retreat.  Our inclined elevator will provide a safe, convenient way to get your family, friends and supplies safely up and down steep inclines.

Abbey Home Elevator & The Hillside Elevator Company includes complete installation by trained staff. We are a licensed General Contractor as well as a Licensed Elevator Contractor in the state of Arizona.

  • Multiple independent braking systems.
  • Direction controls in car.
  • The safest most reliable hillside elevator built on the market
  • Up to 500 feet long, depending on grade.
  • Keyed security push button controls at both top and bottom.

Codes and Compliance
Your peace of mind will only be enhanced knowing we follow 2004 National Incline Elevator Codes A.17, 5.1 and 5.4. With a full staff of qualified engineers, we have the abilities to provide the necessary information for your incline lift project.

Tram Service and Maintenance
Your incline elevator system is designed and built for years and years of reliable service. We have a dedicated service team that provides annual inspections, general maintenance, and troubleshooting. Our service team is also available for repairs, updating, and anything else you may need to keep your system running worry-free. Maintenance agreements and extended warranties are also available along with our toll-free number to make it easy to contact factory personnel with questions or concerns. We Have made a commitment to Marine Innovations to provide the highest level of customer service. To fulfill this commitment we have agreed to provide a complimentary complete evaluation of your property to determine the best application for your new Hillside incline elevator.

For more information www.hillsidetrams.com

Outdoor Hillside Accessibility…. SOLVED.

The Nation’s Most Popular Outdoor Hillside Elevator Manufacturer

Enjoy your hillside home from top to bottom with the nation’s most popular residential outdoor incline lift.  For over 25 years, we have provided effortless accessibility to elevated terrain. In both residential and commercial settings, we guarantee that the installation of an incline hill tram will be easy and fun. Whether you simply have a steep hillside to your waterfront home or business, or are at the beginning of a complete hill restoration project we will take care of you each step of the way and provide you with the outdoor accessibility you are seeking.

We have created the ultimate hillside solution so it’s time to take advantage of both your hilltop view and your lower lakeshore property. Let us work for you to bring your dream to a stunning reality.

Many know our Incline Elevators as outdoor hillside lifts, incline trams, outdoor lifts, waterfront elevators, hill climbers, lakeshore lift or high bank, incline lifts or hill elevators.

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